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Overcoming the “I can’t afford that!” sales objection

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I imagine that when the first caveman decided to sell his invention of fire, there were other cavemen objecting to the price.
You want how much for fire?!  2 of my sheep?  I’ve only got 4 sheep, and I need those for this winter.  I just can’t afford that!

Yes, this objection is as old as time.  The good news is, that a well trained Service Technician or Salesperson can easily overcome this objection, as well as the other 4 objections.

This will be part 1 of a 5 part objection handling series.  You will be given specific scripts and responses to the classical objections.  Let’s begin.

Overcoming the “I can’t afford that!” objection.
Step 1 – Empathize and Confirm

Client: “I can’t afford that!”

Tech: “Mrs. Jones, I can understand how this investment can be a surprise, especially if you were not expecting that you would need to replace your system. Just to make sure that I’ve answered all your questions and concerns; you do feel that the replacement option I’ve shown you here, is what your home needs, don’t you?

Client:  “Yes, I do. It’s just that it is so much money.”

Tech:  “Again, Mrs. Jones, I can completely understand.”

Step 2 – Move into your closers.

Below is a list of 3 different closers that you could use to overcome this affordability objection.  You may need to only use 1 of the closers.  You may need to use several.

The Finance Close

Tech:  “Mrs. Jones. I want to help you out in a way that best suites your needs. The first thing I want to do is offer you a way to get everything you want, and make it very affordable. Is that okay?

Client:  “Yes, that would be great.”

Tech:  “Great. Mrs. Jones we have some terrific finance options that will allow you to place this total on a same as cash loan for 6 months, or even spread the payments out over as much as 5 years.  That would make your monthly investment only $185 a month. If you took advantage of the finance options, would that allow you to accept the replacement of your system?

Client:  “Yes. It would.”

There are times when affordability may not be answered with financing, or financing may not be an option for the client.  Let’s take a look at how we could use a different closer for a technician represented repairs.

The Options Close

Tech:  Mrs. Jones, let’s do the following: let’s look at the options on the list. Of course, I know you want to take care of the faucet, that is why you called me out here today. However, there are some other items that I have discovered during my safety inspection.  My goal is to allow you to pick the items you would like to have, and for it to still fit into your budget. Will you help me by picking the items on the list that are most important to you outside of the faucet?

Client:  Sure.  I think these items should be done today, but these can wait.

Tech:  “So, Mrs. Jones, these are the items you would like to have me take care of today?”

Client:  “Yes. I think those will do for now.”

The last close we will look at is one that will allow you offer everything on your list, and still make it more affordable.  This requires that you have a Service Agreement Program aka Club Membership.

The Service Agreement Close

Tech:  “Mrs. Jones, I know that this is a little more than you were hoping, and I really want you to feel great about all of your options, so, have you consider how our Service Agreement can get you everything you want, and at the best price?

Client:  “No, how does that work?”

Tech:  “Mrs. Jones, if you add theService Agreement to the complete total you have on your list here, you will find that the 15% discount will actually take the total down by $275 dollars. In addition, theService Agreement is only $145 per year.  And, you will get 100% of that investment back yearly in the form of Preventative Services and Client Specials.  TheService Agreement is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Would you like to get everything on you list, and a Service Agreement, for less than the standard price?”

Client:  “OK.  Sure, that sounds like a great idea.”

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