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Why: Your business needs to be optimized to handle an increase in sales, workflow and output in a cost-effective manner.


Problems: Not all business have the means to handle the financial burdens to scale efficiently, getting loans for your business can be a task within itself.


Solutions:Our team is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients, providing fast and efficient funding. You will also get ongoing servicing, support, and a dedicated lending advisor for your account.

Business Loans

Traditional and alternative lending solutions for your business

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Traditional bank loans require extensive paperwork and weeks or months for the approval process to complete. At Pro-Finance, you just need to fill out this short application online or call us directly. We just need basic information to get you qualified.


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Every business has unique needs, so Pro-Finance offers multiple alternative lending options. Once you qualify, our loan advisers will work with you to determine your best lending choice.


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Once you have been approved and made your lending decision, you can have your funds in your bank account quickly – in some cases, in as little as 24 hours!

Services | Programs

SBA Loans

SBA Loans are a common source of funding for small business owners, apply today.

Line of credit

Similar to a credit card, you apply for funding , when approved you can access funds as needed within your credit limit.


When you need a fast construction fix but are waiting on the insurance companies to their part.

Cash advance

Need money fast, can’t qualify for traditions sources, apply for a cash advance as a bridge.

Equipment financing

Computers, software, truck, your business relies heavily on machines to generate income, you can’t afford delays or break downs, equipment financing solutions can be use in many ways to help your business scale.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Invoice, or accounts receivable, factoring is an alternative lending solution for business owners who need cash fast, but funds are tied up in invoices.

Supply chain financing

Reverse factoring, businesses can optimize their cash flow by lengthening their repayment terms with suppliers.

Business consolidation

Instead of tackling several small loans with high rates, savvy business owners can consolidate into one loan.

Start up funding

Different than other small businesses, they are designed with a model that will help scale to a vast audience in short order. Don’t let funding keep your business ideas from the rest of the world.

Credit repair

When credit is less than optimal, it can cost you thousands and even your business – subprime scores result in higher rates and non prime terms – get the fix now.

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