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Why: You need marketing to survive in today’s ultra competitive market. Without marketing, your voice will not be heard, you will not be seen, and you will not be remembered.


Problems: If you are not adapting to the new world of business automation, you will be left behind and your competitors will rise above.


Solutions: Our team is dedicated and committed to providing you the highest level of service. We are here to serve your needs by providing efficient solutions for your sales marketing needs.

Build Tools. Launch Tools. Traffic Tools.

Sales Automation | Marketing

Ultimate Contractor Sale Machine

The ultimate tool for any home improvement contractor or sales pro looking to build sales automation for their business. R4method’s Foundation program.


Capture new relationships and get your customers Approved for financing from one hyper focused landing page-this program is a GAME changer – I feel sorry for your competition.

Qr4Code Program

Do you want an immediate results and proven ROI from an automation tool? Look no further – I guarantee this one. The most advanced program in the industry – right here, right now.


This is the core philosophy of r4method an automation system that brings Reviews | Rewards | Referrals and Retention to life – This is not a funnel it is an hourglass.

Custom Landing Pages

Whatever your desire, we can build it. It all starts with a need’s analyses, we like to call it an I.P.A, or intake process assessment. Tell us your goals, and we will build your custom landing pages and or fully integrated sales automation platform. We have 18 prebuilt custom plans ready to go, right now.


Engage, Delight, Sell, Repeat.

Sometimes customers don’t like to fill out forms and prefer to chat. We have you covered, let us know your needs and we will design you Chat bots to fit you and your customers needs.

Improve your sales, marketing and support efforts by connecting a Chatbot today.

All-in-one Software

Ontraport: The total solution for all of your tools, all your data in one complete easy to use software: CRM -Email-Sales Force-Landing Pages-SMS-Affiliate Programs & so much more. We design your custom tools allowing you to plug and play while controlling from a single dashboard, all your metrics and all your results. With over 6500+ clients are already winning with this simple technology you can stop stacking tools on top of tools. Ontraport is the blueprint. r4method is the architect, let us design and build your automation
systems today.

Automate Your Business Now!

Traffic | Marketing

Once your sales automation tools are built, the next step in the process is driving traffic to them. Our in-house team works exclusively with contractors delivering results and ROI.


Once your tools are built, we will put an action plan to start driving to them. Traffic comes from all sources: Online | Email | Social | Google | Media

Google Guarantee

Looking for a reasonable amount per lead? We will have a consultation on your specific requirements to get the guarantee including required docs and expectation on time. You can pay as much or as little for your leads/relationships.

Google Ads Management

Anyone can set up a basic Google “smart” ad so your site link appears with the green “ad” next to it. But, getting them professionally monitored & maintained is a whole other game. Negating negative keywords so irrelevant searches don’t waste your money, placing your ads in the most prominent relevant locations while providing immense branding for your business. Yes, we have you covered.


Nextdoor is like groupon for contractors. Get locally recommended by people in your neighborhood & become an integral part of your community. This helps you build a solid foundation for repeat business and referrals.

Social Management

Facebook | Instagram: We help you tell your story to a targeted customer & persona instead of just appearing when someone happens to be searching for relevant keywords. Educate your customers on your processes while displaying your company brand values with engaging content.

Linkedin Management

Linkedin: The go to social site for b2b. If your focus is on commercial properties or services to professionals this is the best platform to engage on. Attract the correct audiences by their interest, job titles, descriptions and company affiliates. We provide the best copywriters for cold connection available with proven results.

Content Development

Need graphics, materials, video, trade show equipment, swag, direct mailers or general content. We will provide the best solutions for your needs with a quick turnaround.

Copy Writing

Copy is essential because it drives profitability, earns a ROI and achieves your business’ goals by convincing your target customer that your product offering will solve their needs and offer them value. We have the professionals, tools and automation to bring your words to life and speak to your audience

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