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Why: You need a team to close. You need a team to care. You need a team to follow up. You need an army of well branded soldiers selling and promoting your products and services.


Problems: You can have all the best system and processes for your business, the fastest and best automation tools, but if your sales team can’t close, would good is any of it?


Solutions: Our sales training platforms are based off of real-world trainers, these are not keyboard cowboys that took an online course on how to sell. The training programs are taught by guys that sold at the table and are now sharing the systems to help others just like you to scale, grow and dominate your marketplace.

Sales Training

legendary sales training for the modern world

Proven Training Course

Our team continues to share teachings, whose training programs have propelled 1000’s to new heights of success.

Comprehensive Materials

Don’t spend 1000’s on a one day seminar, our memberships give you unlimited access to our comprehensive library of home improvement sales training courses.

Business Consulting

Don’t wait around and wonder what you are doing right or wrong. We will evaluate your business from the inside out with you and strengthen it in every area.

National Events

Events like our 3 day closer camp give your professional sales teams a concentrated dose of all the best teachings, learn from real world pros and practice real scenarios.

Dominate Your Sales Process

Course Plans
Don’t spend thousands to send your team to a one-day pep talk. We provide training course memberships that instill solid training about how to close sales and deliver solid results. Our sales training courses include insights, tips, and clear, actionable steps your team can take, all delivered by acknowledged industry leaders. Best of all, it’s easy to get your entire team on board with our straightforward training memberships.


Advanced CEO Level and Executive Level Training
per year
    Courses by Nick Richmond on gross profit, marketing, sales training, management and much more!
    Full access to Warrior and Closer package content
    See exclusive content from our 2019 Closer’s Camp and CEO breakout sessions
    Learn the proven strategies that have helped owners build profitable $100 million apex companies


    Legendary Sales Training for the Modern World!
    per year
      Modern versions of the 10-Step Selling Process by Dominic Caminata
      Full access to the Closer’s Package content
      In-depth training on advanced sales techniques
      Comprehensive training on sub-step closing and objection handling
      Learn the latest strategies that have created more $2,000,000-$3,000,000 producers than any other system


      Sales Training
      per month or $1,199/year
        Rick’s timeless version or our proven 10-step system
        Includes “Yes I am a Closer,” ”Ready AIM Goal” and all the early training videos
        Rick goes in depth from the “door approach” to the close, how to become a 50%+ closer
        Memberships Include
        Full access to our library of audio and video
        Real time progress tracking with our learning management system
        Instant access to all newly released courses
        Early access and special pricing to all live events
        Private Q & A sessions
        Access to our private networking community

        Winrate Consulting

        The home service industry is filled with difficult to implement training opportunities from a leadership and growth perspective. The below consulting & training solutions help you cut through the noise allowing you to have great success in your business.

        Online Courses

        Contractors and Home Service Professionals

        If you are not closing $100k per month, you need these courses right now.

        50+ lessons walking you through the WinRate sales and leadership process
        Easy-to-follow curriculum
        New and modern marketing strategies
        Over 4 hours of online learning
        Practical action items to implement immediately
        Private Facebook Group where I will answer your questions
        The confidence and knowledge to build a referral network
        Best practices of engaging with your community
        A community of like-minded construction professionals
        Access to new and updated learning modules

        One-on-one coaching

        One-on-one coaching is the best way to get guidance based on your construction or home services company’s unique needs.

        Group training

        Give your sales teams at your home services and construction company the tools they need with our specialized hands on group training sessions.

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