Get prospects approved in
under a minute.

This landing page lead magnet is specifically designed to get your prospects approved or pre-approved for financing. Designed for contractors in home improvement, solar, roofing, HVAC, remodeling, owners and sales pros. Stop buying leads, capture your own.

It is more important than ever to make your home services affordable for your customers.

Bringing offers like NO PAYMENTS UNTIL 2021 and or LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT options will have prospects lining up to do business with you.

This unique technology will allow you to plug in your existing finance partners approval link and or use our soft credit pull technology available. Our proprietary software uses a 'soft' credit pull to match your credit history with loan criteria, providing a reliable pre-qualification without impacting your prospects credit score.

Imagine a customer landing on your page, applying directly to your company and within minutes... you're scheduling a demo or consultation.

That is what is inside the PreapproveR tool.

Launch yours today and start collecting new customers tomorrow!


Adding this to your Ultimate Contractor Sales Machine bundle will give you the ability to capture prospects before your competition does.

The PreaaproveR

Designed to help your customer with affordability

Offering financing options is the easiest way to capture your customers attention. In todays market it is imperative to make your projects affordable. If you are not offering financing and your competitors are, you will be left behind.

Capture financing applications and preapprovals in minutes

Simply install your current finance companies API and or finance link for instant approvals. Or, install our proprietary options for soft credit pull technology. Offering both options or just choosing one, you are in total control of your business.

Email technology built in

After your customers apply. automated response emails shoot out and let them know the next steps. Your system adds them to a lead bucket and notifies you of interest. Automatically route the leads to your sales reps and away you go.


Answers before you ask

"We installed our lending platform into the preaaprover and our prospects have the ability to apply for financing while our offices are closed. After buying tons of leads from Angie, we were fed up, now we do it ourselves."

Marty Toma

Complete Remodeling Solutions LLC

*The UCSMB is built in Ontraport, your all in one solution that works together to give you everything you need to run your business in one centralized, easy-to-use platform, all your tools, all your data, all in one solution. Ontraport comes with a 14 day free trial, this gives you ample time to launch your UCSMB. Ontraport has four tiers, you will only need tier one to launch, but as your business grows you will be able to upgrade at any time. To view Ontraport's monthly value chart click here."